We have power!!!!!!!!! No cable, Internet or phone. But we have power!!!!! Yippee!!!! We were really starting to lose our minds. Our brains were getting numb with boredom. Now the kids are happily watching a DVD on the TV and we're charging up all of the devises.

With no Internet I'm posting again today from my phone. Not fun, but doable.

In other news... I had 4 fillings replaced today. They were 22 year old silver fillings that decided they had had enough. 7 shots of novocaine and an hour in the chair later I have new pearly white fillings. Fillings and a completely numb mouth and face. Talking this afternoon has been loads of fun. I've been having visions of Bill Cosby's comedy skit about visiting the dentist. If you know what I'm talking about you can imagine how my afternoon was. If you don't know... maybe it's on YouTube.

Thankfully it's starting to wear off and I'm ready to go out for dinner.

NaBloPoMo November 2012