NaBloPoMo day 1 - Starting Stressed

NaBloPoMo November 2012

It's November 1.  For the last <I don't know how many> years I have spent November participating in National Blog Posting Month.  I've had every intention of joining this year too.  Spending November writing a post a day for 30 days motivates me to get out of the non-writing rut I always seem to get in.  At this point I don't know that I could actually skip it without regretting it.

So... it's 9:00 pm on November 1st.  3 days post Hurricane Sandy.  72 hour of no power.  Slightly longer with no cable/phone/Internet.  Very spotty cell service.  4 days of no school.  No school tomorrow.  Countless trees down.  We lost some fence panels to a falling tree... which also ripped our power meter box off the house.

For the second year in a row Halloween is postponed.  On the bright side... it didn't snow.

But... we're all safe.  We have a wood burning stove.  We have our grill so we were able to use up all of the meet in our freezer for lunches and dinners.  Our neighbor has been great by charging our phones and DVD player with his generator.  We have hot water since it's heated by gas and didn't lose it's flame.  And Nick is playing his guitar so the kids have lullabies for bed time.  We're ok (although driving each other CRAZY).

AND my dentist office has power so I can still have 4 fillings replaced tomorrow.  (I'm not sure if I consider that good or bad or just plain cruel.)

So here it is.  day 1 post done... no power and all!  Happy NaBloPoMo!

(if you're participating let me know.  As soon as we get Internet back I know I'll have a lot to catch up on!)