NaBloPoMo - An Anniversary of Sorts

It was a year ago that I began my obsession with blog reading. It was a really easy thing to become obsessed with... especially during NaBloPoMo. I mean... everybody is posting every single day. There is a never-ending supply of reading material. I found myself reading a post, and then using the writer's blog roll to go on to find another post, and then used the next blogroll to find another post... and on and on it went. At some point I came across the "randomizer" or the Blogger "next blog" feature (I don't remember which it was). What a way to enable an addiction! I would waste away Zoe's nap time relaxing and reading. "Meeting" new friends along the way. (If you were wondering... my very first blog addiction was Suburban Bliss) I spent about 5 months reading away. I commented frequently (always leaving the website url box empty). I kept thinking about starting a blog... but just wasn't sure... so I didn't do it. I was finally given the little bump that I needed by Tracey Clark at Picture This! I frequently visited her site to look at all of the wonderful Best Shot Monday photos. One day I came across a photo contest that I thought Tracey and her readers might be interested in... so I e-mailed her a link. She responded and asked if I had a site so she could link to me on her site when she shared the contest. I had to respond no... but was kicking myself for not starting one sooner. So... that was when I sat down and started working on setting up this blog.

So now here I am... spending Zoe's nap time not only reading away during NaBloPoMo, but also joining in and attempting to post every day (possibly adding to another unsuspecting person's blog addiction?). I find myself coming across more and more blogs that I "need" to read. I add more and more "friends" to my NaBloPoMo page, My Blog Log, my Google Reader, my blog roll etc. etc. etc. There are so many great people writing great posts.

I find new blogs to read by clicking through other writer's sites ('s how this whole obsession started), so I try to keep a blogroll of my favorites. I've been finding so many new places in the last few days that my blogroll was getting a tad bit long (it was making the left column quite long)... so I made a whole other page just designated for listing links and change this pages blogroll to one link for the new page. Please take a minute to check it out. It's a work in progress... I keep thinking it's "done" and then another post pops up in my reader and I realize I've forgotten to add someone. If you don't see yourself there let me know... I'll be happy give you some linky love!!!

So, another day another post. Zoe will be awake any time now, I better get busy reading!!!