So... it's time for NaBloPoMo 2014

Yes... it's that time of year again where I put my memory (and sanity) to the test and attempt to post 30 times in 30 days.

This will be my 8th year of doing National Blog Posting Month.  I've done it every single year since I started blogging in 2007. It's kind of a habit now.

My routine???  Start being a REALLY sad blogger by the end of Summer.  Start hearing murmurs about NaBloPoMo in October.  Decide I need to do SOMETHING to get my blogging mojo back in gear.  Struggle with "do I do it? do I skip it? do it? skip it?)  Put my name on the official NaBloPoMo sign up list.  And then struggle my way through November trying my very hardest to come up with 30 things worthy of posting.

A Madison Mom has been suffering.  Especially lately.  For a few reasons.

1.  In the beginning it was all about Zoe... and then Ana.  I LOVED posting all about my girls when I started blogging.  It's become harder and harder for me to write about them as the stories aren't really my stories to tell anymore.  They're Zoe and Ana's stories... and they definitely have opinions about what I should be telling people about them.

2.  I've been posting a TON of book reviews on A Bit Bookish.  I love spending my time reading and reviewing.  I love the book reading groups I've joined on Facebook.  So my heart has kind of gone to write about books.

3.  I started being the Publishing Editor over at Momagama - Madison/Chatham.  I've been trying to post over there every week day.  And when I'm not posting I'm trying to keep the local events list up to date, and the Facebook group busy, and trying to build up the Madison and Chatham community online.  It's been fun... and I know SO MUCH about what's going on in town.  But blogging has become work.

4.  I seem to have become unable to stop volunteering my time.  I'm a Girl Scout troop leader for both girls.  I do lunch duty a couple times a month.  I'm  helping out with the 4th grade newsletter.  I just helped with book fair set up.  I helped with 4th grade Awesome Art and I'll be doing 1st grade Awesome Art in a couple of weeks.  Being a stay-at-home-mom is WORK.

And... I'm sure there are a number of other reasons I could add to this list.  Mostly... A Madison Mom has dropped down on my list of priorities.  Partially because I'm just more focused on being with my girls than writing about them... but also because (like most people) my "work" focus has changed.  Blogging is fun.  Blogging is a hobby I love.  But... blogging is also work.

That said..... I'm jumping back on board all-in for November.  Let's see if I can breath some life back into A Madison Mom.