Mythical: The Complete Series 1 (book review)

Mythical: The Complete Series 1 was written by C.J. Austin.  This post was organized by N K Author Services.  I was provided with a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

Mythical_Series_1_greenJack and Sarah Carter work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on their most secret cases, ones that were only ever thought to be of myth and legend, but how wrong they were.

From the cold harsh mountains of Alaska to the deepest depths of downtown Detroit, the sibling duo must face it all. But with personal demons threatening them along the way, it’s not long before the cracks begin to show. Sarah has to face a familiar nightmare from her past, leaving Jack to fight alone, but how far will they both be pushed before they reach breaking point?

With each case seemingly linking to a much bigger scenario, Jack and Sarah must be prepared to handle the truth. However, Sarah is already hiding a secret that could tear the brother and sister apart. With Jack falling for something that is out of this world, and Sarah placing herself in all kinds of danger, the FBI agents must fight for their lives.

Mythical Series 1 has it all. Love, mystery and betrayal all play their part along the way in this new supernatural hit series.


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My review:

With the story description I really got a paranormal FBI "X-files" or "Grimm" type feel.  The idea really excited me.  But... the series really fell short, mainly because of a complete lack of character development.  I know that after 2 stories I put the book down and thought "I STILL don't know anything about Jack and Sarah other than the fact that they're FBI agents and siblings."  I just don't feel like I'm being given any reason to want to follow them on their adventures.  Even when you're given a little more... it's still lacking.

I did love the concept... each book being a different case Jack and Sarah are rushed into.  I love the idea of their mysterious boss, who even they haven't met.  I love the idea that they know that each case they've been assigned is more than face value average crime.  The author has a great idea.  A great story start.  I just would really want a re-edit done with more personal character development on Jack and Sarah.  (WHY do I want to keep reading about them???)