Mystery Peeps Challenge

My friend Amiyrah is one of my favorite bloggy people.  We've been together for some VERY awesome adventures... like exploring New Orleans, seeing Yo Gabba Gabba, visiting the Jersey Shore, and most recently seeing the New Kids on the Block in NYC.  I know if I'm getting together with Amiyrah, fun will be had.  She's sweet, and cool, and has the most amazing smile. AND Amiyrah is a big fan of Peeps.

So... when Amiyrah sent this challenge out into the interwebs I thought "for Amiyrah... I'll accept the challenge."   I told Amiyrah it was a "huge challenge" and she responded with "What?! No way! You have to taste peeps. That's like the easiest challenge ever."  Except... I don't make videos... and my kids don't like Peeps (the horrors!).

You can find Amiyrah at 4 Hats and Frugal.   TwitterFacebook.  Well.... just all over the place.  If you're on social media and search for Amiyrah you'll find her!