My Soccer Star

Zoe had her last soccer game of the season this past weekend.  When we started in September I felt like we'd be going to that field twice a week forever.  But just like that... we're done with soccer.

Sometimes Zoe looked like she really knew what she was doing.

Sometimes Zoe looked like a goofball.

Sometimes Zoe did more chatting than kicking.

Sometimes Zoe did more sitting than running.  (Good goalie form, right?)

ALWAYS Zoe enjoyed time with her friends.

Soccer may not be Zoe's thing.  She didn't like that there was "SO MUCH RUNNING!!!"  She wasn't really competitive about trying to get at the ball.  She liked practice but not games.  But, the promise of playing with her friends 2 times a week was enough to get her to the field.

We might do soccer again next fall.  Might not.  We'll see what next year brings.

For now... soccer season is over.