My Pretty Little Flowers

We recently were on vacation in North Carolina.  We spent a week at the beach in Nags Head, Outer Banks (and I WILL share photos).  After finishing our time at the beach we made a stop on our way home to visit one of my college roommates, Amanda, and her family in Durham (near Raleigh).  She happened to have a portrait session scheduled for her children, so we tagged along with her to the Duke Gardens at Duke University.

I took advantage of the situation and had my own little personal photo session (featuring the gorgeous pillow case dresses made by my friend Carrie!!!)   It was very hot, and very humid, and I had 2 little girls who were slightly exhausted from a week at the beach and traveling.  That said... I think I got quite a few good shots.  Oh... and the gorgeous location didn't hurt either!  (If you ever are near Duke University... make an effort to get to the gardens.  I was thoroughly impressed!) 

And... if I can "toot my own horn" just a bit... I will have you know that the majority of these photos came right out of the camera.  Manual settings.  No editing.  Well... except maybe a bit of cropping here and there.  It just goes to show you what some good natural lighting at the right time of day can do for you!