My New Contractor

Starting on May 7th demolition is scheduled to begin on our one and only full bathroom. We've been spending the last couple weeks looking at sinks and cabinets, toilets, tubs and tile. Have you done this before? Do they need to give me 24 options in a toilet? And... did you know there are literally a gazillion tiles to choose from. If I ever have to look for tile again... it will be too soon. Anyway, we finally have ordered the sink, cabinet, medicine cabinet/mirror, toilet, tub, tile, and ceiling exhaust fan. We are almost done choosing products. We do still have to finalize our choices for the sink and tub faucets, shower head, and little accessory stuff (towel bars, toilet paper holder, towel hooks, etc.) Again... I'm much better off when I'm given a choice between, let's say, a dozen things. But... there are an infinite number of faucets and fixtures available. The number of products available blows my mind... and I am thoroughly confused by the price ranges. Do you need a $500 shower head? Does anyone have $120 toilet paper holder? But we also don't want to scrimp on the details. It's all so confusing.

I will try to do daily (or almost daily?) updates once our project actually starts. In the mean time (and as my addition to Best Shot Monday over at Picture This!) here is a picture of my new contractor. She's quite careful with the prep work of measuring. It's such a pleasure to watch her work (and it gives me the giggles too!)