My Mommy took me to be tortured (2 days in a row!!!)

Otherwise know as... Ana had her 1st hair cut (12/30/09) the day after she had her ears pierced (12/29).

Look Mommy.  This hair stuff is poking me in my eyes. 

Wait.  I change my mind.  The hair isn't bothering me that much.  I don't need to see.

What do you mean the back is straggly looking?  It doesn't look straggly to me!

Oh, the heartbreak, the sorrow, the tears.

Please Mommy, please!  Don't you love me?

I see how you are Mommy.  You are in cahoots with the mean scissor lady.

Seriously.  I've had enough.  This is getting ridiculous.

 You just wait.  You'll be sorry.

You don't think this lollipop will get you forgiveness do you?  Do you think I'll forget that quickly?

Um... well.... I suppose I do look cute.  And the 2nd lollipop will taste even better than the 1st one.

And, OK, now I guess I can agree that the back was just a wee bit straggly.

You do know people are going to really think I'm a boy now right?  They already tell you what a cute little boy I am.  Right?   And now look at this short short hair.  Sure it looks neater and it'll grow in so nicely... and I'm just so cute.  But... um... BOY.

I suppose it's a good thing you tortured me the day before my haircut by letting those ladies pierce my ears.

It's a good thing I love you Mommy.  A good thing I love you and that you've got a supply of lollipops.