My Keurig is my favorite. (A giveaway!)

Disclosure: I was offered a Keurig Elite brewer for review purposes. Since I already have a Keurig, I requested to do a giveaway instead.   In exchange... I am receiving some k-cups.  All opinions are my own.  They are as honest as any coffee addict can be.  :)

I absolutely love things that make my life easier.  While Nick will tell you it takes a lot to convince me to take the plunge into a new machine or device (just ask him about the time he convinced me to give up my VCR) he would probably also tell you that once I make a switch... I'm the first to be obsessed with a new and fancy.  And, if I love something... I want everyone to have one and love it.

So... I want to tell you about the love affair I have with my Keurig.  If you ask me "what is something you can't go a day without?"... COFFEE is easily the first thing that comes to mind.  I really don't do well without it anymore.  Regular coffee with cream and sugar or a fancy latte.  Plain or flavored.  Hot or iced.  Doesn't matter... I just love coffee.

Years ago I was pretty attached to our old coffee pot and it wasn't going anywhere (it was a well used OLD pot)... until a vacation to my parents' house when I "met" my Dad's new Keurig.  It was love at first brew.  Sigh.  We came home and I bought my very own Keurig the next week.  I haven't been without it since.  (Seriously... it even comes on vacations with us sometimes!)  We've had 3 machines since then... and I can't do anything but rave about the machines and the customer service.  Even when we had one of our brewers die a sad and wheezing death a month after purchase one message on the website had a new brewer to me in just a couple days (and the wheezy brewer held out to get me through).

I'm a member of  I have auto-delivery set up (buy 4 boxes of k-cups at a time and it's a discount and free shipping!).  The fact that Nick can drink a cup of STRONG coffee and I can drink a cup of medium blend makes us happy.  And... with Spring and Summer coming I can't get enough of the cold brew products.  And now... I'm jealous because they've decided to put out these cool color options...


I was offered one of these Keurig Elite brewers to try out... but since I already have a Keurig (a machine that I love dearly) I asked if I could give one of YOU a Keurig Elite instead.  I'm so thrilled to pass on something I really do love.

Additional brewer information: ·         The Keurig Elite brewer brews a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. With the choice of three cup sizes, the Elite brewer offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs. SRP: $119.99 o   Available in Black, Rhubarb, Patriot Blue, Coconut White o   View the Keurig Elite brewer here:

So... if you love your daily cup of coffee as much as I do, and want an easy quick way to #JustBrewIt... then hurry up and enter!!!

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