My Funny Valentine: Color Me Mine


My soon to be threenager inherited my love of all things holidays. We celebrate each holiday with a special outing or activity and aim to make the most of every occasion. Valentine's Day is no different. My little love was desperate to make her valentine, otherwise known as daddy, something he'd enjoy. She had three requests in procuring a present. 1.She wanted to make the present. 2.She wanted to go somewhere where pizza was nearby. 3. She wanted to go on a car ride to get there.

Ah, to be three. Specific demands and high expectations. We decided to venture to Summit, which satisfied her car ride requirement and offered us a few options. After much debate and endless questioning, we landed at Color Me Mine. Please note that it's conveniently located next to a pizza place and toy store, so I'd say it's a win.

This paint-your-own-pottery studio has something for every age. On the weekday morning of our visit we found ourselves alone, which was an added bonus. With a $6.00 studio fee paid, we searched high and low for the perfect piece of pottery. After much investigation and inquiry, she selected a mug that had a slot to hold cookies. She shared her vision with me. Daddy would drink coffee and eat cookies. He might even extend an offer to share a cookie. The very thought made her eyes dance. It was clear this gift presented possibilities.

The mug was priced somewhere around $16.00. While pottery isn't cheap, this experience was worth it.

Next up for the young artist was paint selection. Pinks, purples, and pale blues were chosen. I gently prodded her to consider daddy's favorite colors, but I was reminded that this was her gift and daddy would love it. I must admit I live to be gut checked by my girl. She grounds me like no one else.

After thirty minutes of solid painting, and a lot of pink and purple brush strokes on the backdrop, we presented our completed project to the employee. She explained we could return in a week to pick up our masterpiece after it had undergone a hand glaze and kiln fire.

A fairly easy process, it was a fun morning out and set the tone for this year's Valentine's Day.

What I liked about this studio was its less than busy storefront on a Wednesday morning. It made being there with a toddler and baby easy and stress-free. I also liked the layout of the studio itself. It was warm, spacious, and inviting. While there, I learned the studio often hosts a story time and painting project, which seemed right up our alley. There's a wide variety of events for kids and adults, which shows their versatile appeal.

The end result is super cute, and I know she's excited to present it to her daddy. On these cold winter mornings the opportunity to escape and expend energy is everything.

Soon, we're going to try something closer to home. I'm sure we'll share about that venture as well.

Here's to our little and funny loves. Their adventures and antics are truly the gift that keeps on giving.