My Brother - The Pizza Man!

This trip to Orlando was to visit my parents and see their new house... but, my brother, Jim, and his family also live in Orlando (about 3 miles from my parents). Jim is currently working at a nice little Italian restaurant called Louie and Maria's. He works A LOT. In order to make sure we got to see him at least a couple times, we were just FORCED to go to the restaurant and make him cook for us! (I'm sure you'll believe when I told you it was such a chore to go sit at a restaurant and order my little brother to cook for me!)

It was really fun for us because our table was right outside the kitchen (on purpose). The "pizza making area" is open to the restaurant and you can watch them make the pizza. Jim was on pizza duty... but unfortunately no one ordered pizza while we were there.

The first night we were there we did get to watch him make some kind of Stromboli/sandwich roll type thing. We made sure to embarrass him by taking pictures. (It's a big sister's job, ya know!)

Zoe just loved the cheesy garlic bread appetizer!
Since we missed out on seeing Jim's pizza making finesse the first time... we decided to come back a second time and specifically order pizza. Look at those perfect pizzas! My brother is a pizza genius. They were delicious.

Unfortunately you don't get to see the amazingly delicious finished product. We were all starving... and boy were those pizzas yummy!

Thanks Jim!!!