Music to My Ears: Tiny Tots Concert Series


Did you survive bombogenesis? Are you prepared for more winter weather events? The early sunsets, ever-changing temperature, and general 'blah' boredom that accompanies winter is a familiarity to many.

I make it known that I'm from Buffalo, New York. I'm proud of my ability to cope with the cold, drive in the snow, and find random indoor fun. I've always loved winter. I never saw it as a problem. Winter ends, so I've always dealt with it accordingly. Enter motherhood.

These days I feel trapped. I'm desperate to socialize after hours of play. My toddler feels like a caged animal. If I open the door to get the mail she plots her escape. Our winter gear is in full effect. It feels like it takes hours to bundle her up only to de-bundle her for the car seat, re-bundle her once we reach our destination, and then repeat the de-bundling debacle for our return home.

We've googled and gone to all indoor play places. It gets old quick. It also gets expensive.

Boredom has set in. Record cold temperatures took away a lot of outside options. Indoor activities are our winter way of life. We need something different.

If you're like me and a fan of town traditions then you'll appreciate the deep and rich history of Madison Cooperative Nursery School's Tiny Tot Concert Series. In its 39th year, this unique series of chamber concerts introduces preschoolers to the instruments of the symphony orchestra. Children hear familiar music played by professional musicians while learning about the instruments and the different sounds they make. Each concert highlights the different sections of the orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

This year the series is open to the public. Alas, something different. Something fun. Something affordable. My mini Mozart will love attending this series. Priced at 10.00 per concert, each performance begins at 10:30 and is 45 minutes long. Caregivers are free and children ages 2 to 6 are invited to attend. There are four concerts within the series, which are held at Grace Episcopal Church. The first concert is Thursday, January 18th. For more information, see the tiny tots flyer. 

In these dark, often cold, and certainly crazy days of winter, this program is music to my ears. Here's hoping I see you there!