Motivated by Pink

I realized I still had photos on the camera from early May.  I used to be obsessed with taking photos photos photos and getting them off the camera the same day (or the next) and getting them posted and shared as soon as I could.  I just haven't felt very motivated lately.  I'm not sure why.  Weather?  Busy schedule?  Juggling girls?  I don't know.  I've just generally not be feeling motivated.

Then... I finally upload the photos.  I slowly scanned through them.  Each and every one made me smile.  I want to share from each set of photos that was on the camera.  How can I not be motivated by these 2???

May 9th...

I was able to squeeze in our 2011 spring "pink" photos.  It was so chilly early in May.  We found a day right before all of the rain started and snapped a few shots.

Zoe's an old pro at cherry blossom photos.

Ana couldn't quite understand at first how I could possibly expect her to sit on the ground surrounded by grass and petals WITHOUT her binky.  The nerve!

Once I gave her a new book to concentrate on she cheered up and let me get some photos.  My girls... they just both LOVE their books.

OK Mommy... take your picture so we can be done with this crazy annual pink thing.

Zoe... what are you doing?

See Ana... look... you just do this and then Mommy will leave us alone.

Um... no.  I'm busy reading my book.  LMNO Peas is very captivating.

Hhhhumph... alright fine.  Here, take this picture and leave me to my book.

Let's try getting a shot of both of you from above!!!

Um... no, that's not quite it.

Yeah... uh, no... those faces don't quite do it.

Ok now... what exactly are you trying to do to your mother's patience?

That's it.  Good enough.  I give up.

2010 Pink Shots

2009 Pink Shots

2008 Pink Shots - I can't find... I believe it poured down rain and all of our blooms fell and were a yucky mess before I took any photos.

2007 Pink Shots

And there are 2006 Pink Shots mixed into those posts (since I didn't actually HAVE a blog then... imagine that?)

Tomorrow I'll post another set.