Mother's Day: Coffee, Cuddles, Nap

“There is eternal influence and power in motherhood.” ― Julie B. Beck

I don’t have grandiose plans for Mother’s Day, which is exactly how I prefer it. I’ve asked for coffee, cuddles, and a nap.

In this era of excess I gravitate towards keeping it simple.

But as much as I love this day and as grateful as I am for people like my own mama, I think we need to start talking more about the time we take for a recharge or reset. It can’t be this day and no other day. The reality is that today’s mothers face more demands and pressures than before. And while it can be self-created, much of it is due to our ever-evolving, fast paced, and sometimes unforgiving world.

We need more mama time. We can’t ask people to become the best versions of themselves if we don’t demonstrate it daily. This isn’t about pampering or indulging. This is about sustaining and succeeding.

I am seriously looking forward to my Mother’s Day nap, but it can’t happen daily. Knowing this, I strive to find the time for something small that makes a big difference. A quick cup of coffee mid-morning while the kiddos play on their own, a late-night solo grocery store run, or the sound of white noise when bed time commences, become markers for me time.

Mama mode is tiring. This Sunday I want to sit down and sip my coffee, cuddle my kids, and nap like a champ. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I hope you extend your time beyond this holiday. Here’s to celebrating and savoring the role of a lifetime throughout the year.