More Words

Dear Zoe,

More and more words. You use full sentences now (sometimes). You answer "yes" and "no" and mean it (usually). I can go through a list of snacks and you can tell me which one you want. You can ask for a specific book you want to be read. There are still times you struggle with getting your point across... times when we frustrate you by not quite understanding... but we're getting there.

Some of your new interesting words (and some that have been sticking around)...

Noodle = nuddle (like puddle)
Butterfly = bu-fly
Mickey Mouse = E Mouse
Kitty cat = E cat
Robot = oo bot

You also have a few things you say that you've kind of worked out as your way to say things. Like when you want to be picked up and carried you will say "carry you?" and reach your arms up. I think you just picked this up since I will ask you if you want me to carry you. Before I pick you up to do the stairs, or walk across the grass I will ask "Should I carry you?" I think you just figure the process is called "carry you" because it's what you say every time.

You've also started saying "my try?" I think it's a combination of "my turn" and "can I try?" You use it exactly for those things. If you want a turn on a swing... "my try?" If we're eating something and you want some.... "my try?" If we're using a pen and you want to write..."my try?" If I'm drinking ice coffee and you want a sip..."my try?" And, it it's something you can't really have a turn with (like scissors) you get quite angry and repeat over and over "my try, my try, my try?"

You have also claimed the outside. You will bang on the door and yell "my outside!" Usually it means you want to go outside... or you're upset that we've made you come inside before you were ready. It seems you like to make sure everything is yours.

You've also really started copying everything we say quickly. The other day Mommy got her new Harry Potter book in the mail. I showed Daddy and said "Isn't it just so exciting?" You've been saying "o exciting" at random times now. You also picked up the word "amazing" although I'm not sure when we said it. And I've heard you say "cute" and "cool" a few times.

We really have to watch what we say around you now... you're like a little sponge, absorbing every little word. It is so exciting to see you learning new things every day. We can't wait to hear what you say next!

Love, Mommy