A Momentous Occasion

Why are you putting me in this chair? You know I hate this chair. The mere idea of this chair makes me scream. Why do you torture me so?
Mommy? I thought you loved me.
Um... oh... wait. What is this?
What did you call this? Rice cereal?
Can someone tell me why you've all been hiding the rice cereal?
Oh Mommy... this is wonderful. I'm the happiest girl around.
Zoe... did you know about this stuff called cereal? Is all food so great?
Why yes Ana, it is. Just wait until they let you try pizza!
Hi Zoe. Thanks for helping.
That was so good. I cleaned the bowl. Let me just lick off that spoon.
And I get to wash it down with a little breastmilk in my bottle?
Man... I love this chair!
Oh... and by the way... Ana's first bowl of baby cereal was followed closely by a 2 hour nap in her crib. Rice cereal could very well be a miracle food in our house. Yippee!!!