Momaplooza: Let's Make This A Thing

I was in the craft store the other day and I saw it there staring at me. It was right next to the pumpkin paraphernalia, which has been out since June. A Christmas tree stood tall, illuminated, decorative, and dangerously alluring. And as I stood there, drenched in sweat from the humidity, trying to keep the kids from touching anything and everything, I had an epiphany: momaplooza. 

There's so much hype surrounding the holidays, back-to-school, kids, etc. Where the heck is my momaplooza? The craft store had me stressing big time. I can barely contend with summer, let alone Christmas, and I'm not too eager to begin the fall frenzy.  I need something for me. I need momaplooza. 

So, what's momaplooza? Here's the thing: I'm not so sure. I know I want it to be a holiday of sorts. I envision time by myself and with other rockstar mamas. I'd also like to get my coffee and/or champagne served to me in a space free of highchairs and toddler tunes. I'm thinking I want self-care in the form of a pedicure, massage, and maybe a facial. After all, it's my holiday so extravagance is encouraged. 

Of course, there'll be guilty pleasures and some sensible and sage messages scattered throughout. Maybe I'll find my meaning or mantra from a speaker. Or, I might discover peace in a quiet nook where I can read uninterrupted for thirty minutes. If I'm dreaming big, I'd like to eat a meal while it's hot. 

So what say you? Are you for momaplooza? Because here's my hang up on the issue and with all things void of responsibility and centered on fun: I hesitate. Moms, let's go for it! What's your version of momaplooza? Tell me and you might see if pop up soon.