Mom Fika: One Week Away

One of my favorite things about writing for A Madison Mom is that Colleen Bohensky, beloved founder, allows and encourages her writers to pursue their passions via the blog. I run another blog, Fishing for Fika, where I celebrate the Swedish tradition of coffee and conversation through writings, wanderings, and whimsical pursuits.

One of my favorite and most treasured traditions is mom fika, which is a morning dedicated to speaking, sipping, and serenity. This year I’m especially thankful for the Presbyterian Church of Madison. They’ve allowed me to host in their hall.

With local coffee featured, pastries in abundance, and a few other special surprises, I’m overwhelmingly excited and grateful that I get to introduce Madison mamas to this small but significant habit.

On Wednesday, June 12th join me for a mom fika at 9:30. There’s never enough time, always something to do, and various interruptions and distractions to our day.

But what if we granted ourselves an hour that equipped and empowered us to better function, flow, and find our balance? What if we sat alongside peers and celebrated our gifts while surrendering stress? What if we made some magic happen through kindness while fostering friendship?

These questions and their answers are often found through fika.

My passion for this began professionally but has become quite personal. As a mama of a preschooler and toddler, I know there’s something sacred about creating and enjoying an hour of time where happiness and good coffee flows freely. If you need to bring a kiddo or two, go for it! I’ll have a helper or two on hand to make some magic happen so you can get yourself a minute of peace.

Please join me. Invite friends. From one mom to another, savor the simple stuff.