Mmm... that looks good!

Zoe is watching the Food Network.  She occasionally asks to watch it.  She absolutely wants to watch certain people if we pass by the channel and see them.  Her favorite chefs seem to be Anne Burrell (Secrets of a Restaurant Chef)  and Sunny Anderson (Cooking for Real).  I don't know what it is about them... but if she sees them we have to watch.  Maybe it's their bright cheery sets and clothing?  Maybe it's their attitudes?  Maybe it's the fact that they like to eat the food they're cooking?  I don't really mind... because I like them too (for all of those reasons). 

Just now Zoe was watching the Food Network while I'm in the kitchen.  I suddenly hear her commenting on the food. 

Zoe -"Mmmm that looks good.  Oh... that looks good.  Mmm."

I finally said "Zoe?  What looks good?" 

Her answer?  "I don't know... but it sure looks yummy.  I would eat it."

She then came in the kitchen to tell me "I'm not sure what she's cooking now... but before she made an angel food cake.  I think I might like an angel food cake.  She said it was fluffy... like a cloud.  How do you cook a cloud?"

I'm afraid there might be a lot more baking and cooking going on in our kitchen in the future.