Missing my iMac

So... I've been 5 days without our iMac.  While I'm doing just fine with the MacBook... I'm REALLY missing the desktop computer. I've gotten used to the track pad... but I like the mouse.

There are files and documents downloaded on the iMac that I just can't access from my laptop now.

I'm realizing I'm saving things to the laptop now that I'll end up wanting to move to the iMac later.

While my iPhoto is synced up for Cloud... I currently don't have access to all of the photos... and so I can't post things I want to right now.

Thank goodness my e-mail and contacts are all synced because I have that all sorted into folders to use as needed.

This DID force me to figure out how to print and scan from the laptop.

Really.... not having the iMac has just made me feel out of sync.  Off.  Meh.

So Apple Store geniuses... please fix my iMac and send it back home.