Midnighters - Touching Darkness (book review)

Written by Scott Westerfeld.

Touching Darkness is the second book in the Midnighters series.  The book picks up right where the first left off.  I feel like this book did a much better job of expanding on all five of the midnighters... where the first book seemed most focused on Jessica.  You get a lot more background information in this book.  The midnighters find out more about why the secret hour exists for them.  They also learn more about the Darklings (the dark creatures that live only in the midnight hour) and have to fight them to save one of their own... and this time, it's not Jessica that Darklings are focusing on.  Their eyes are on Rex who has powers as a Seer and can read and decipher all of the midnighter history.  When they get Rex... what they want to do with him is rather disturbing.

Once again Scott Westerfeld does not disappoint as he writes in a way that is easy to read and follow... but creates a totally believable fantasy world that just draws you in and leaves you wanting more.  You're left really wondering if there could be a secret hour.