Midnighters - The Secret Hour (book review)

Written by Scott Westerfeld.

I'm a big Scott Westerfeld fan.  His books are easy and fun to read... but the stories seem to stay in my head and keep me thinking.  I have enjoyed all of his books... and Midnighters - The Secret Hour was no exception.

The story begins with Jessica Day moving with her family to Bixby, OK.  At 15, she's not thrilled about being the new girl in high school.  She quickly realizes that dealing with being the new girl isn't going to be the biggest change in her life.  A few nights after she arrives in Bixby she wakes up at midnight to find the entire world frozen.  She thinks it must be an amazing dream... the whole world still and silent and blue.  (Even the raindrops of a night time storm are frozen in place.)  She quickly learns it isn't a dream.  The whole world really does freeze at midnight.  Time stops for 1 hour... except for Jessica and a few others who call themselves "midnighters" (Jonathan, Melissa, Dess, and Rex).  Jessica also quickly finds out that they aren't alone in the midnight hour.  There are also creatures who live only in the secret hour.  Dark scary nightmarish creatures.  Creatures who seem to have it in for Jessica in particular.