Mercy (book review)

Mercy was written by Eleri Stone.

Now, while this probably wouldn't be a book I would find on my own and immediately want to read... I am so glad I read it.  I will tell you I read the book because it was written by a high school friend.  I have found that reading books by people I actually know is a really exciting thing.  People I know have published books!!!

If you are thinking about reading... I will warn you... this book is HOT.  And it is hard to put it down once you've started reading.  I thought the story of jaguar shape-shifting people was really interesting... and the writing made it all seem possible and real.  Can't wait to see what Eleri writes next!

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To the Yaguara, an ancient jaguar shape-shifting people living deep in the Amazon jungle, nothing matters more than strength. Iada is their champion; genetically pure, she has been trained since birth to fight. Her destiny is to become the next Queen of the Yaguara by winning the tournament of succession—a battle to the death.
Her opponent is Gabriel, a half-blooded outcast whose mother was human. To everyone's shock, he defeats Iada but does not strike the death blow—instead, he extends mercy, thereby claiming her as his mate.
Despite their enmity, the attraction between them is powerful, and soon they are mates in more than name only. Their mutual distrust serves only to fuel their passion—two champions bested only by their overpowering desire for each other.
But Gabriel has an agenda that threatens the most basic tenets of Yaguara society—and that will force Iada to choose between her people or her King.