Memories on the tree

We decorated our tree today.  I just love decorating the tree.  The house suddenly feels festive.

I think decorating gets more fun each year with the girls.  We love talking about our favorite ornaments... or where ornaments came from.

We have one from our Honeymoon in St Lucia.  We have one from Bermuda.  We have one from Barbados.  We have one from Quebec.  We have one from Halifax.  We some hand-painted wooden matryoshka dolls and churches from Russia.

We have some from Nick's childhood.  We have some from my childhood.  We have some that Zoe has made.  We have some that Ana has made.

We have some that were gifts from friends.  We have some that were gifts from family.

We have some that were given to us new.  We have some that were handed down from relatives.

Some of my favorites this year were ones I've had since college.  The first year my friend Vanessa and I had an apartment we got a small (table top small) tree.  I asked Aunt Pru and Uncle Jig if they could send me some ornaments to borrow and they sent me a whole box to keep.  Ornaments from their tree.  I've had them for almost 20 years now... but they were especially my favorites this year.

Each and every year our tree is more and more special to me.