My First Attempt at Creating Memes

Yesterday, I got the idea to try something new--create my own memes. In case you are late to the game on tech talk (to be honest, I didn't know these things were called "memes" until about 6 months ago!), memes (which rhymes with "dreams") are, in my crude definition, photos or videos that someone has added funny or thought-provoking text to, then spread via the Internet. I've often chuckled at the memes I see online, and I thought, "Hey! I can do that!" So off I went to try to figure it out! 1. First I found an app with good reviews that would allow me to use my own photos. I quickly found "Mematic," which was very easy to figure out. You can also use photos from the app's album, but I knew wanted to use my own photos.

2. Next, I decided on my subject matter. We got a pet bearded dragon, named Scruffy, in May, and I've taken oodles of photos of her in the past few months. I thought she would be a great model. (I was right!) I used some old photos, but my kids also helped me set up and create new ones. I used this time as a lesson for them on Internet etiquette. I reminded them that, though it might be fun to take photos and create funny sayings to make a meme, they should NEVER use a photo of a person as it could quickly escalate into a bad situation. I hope my lecture sunk in.


3. I then used the app to upload my photos and add text. After you put in the text, you can resize it so it fills the space as you like.

4. Finally, I saved my meme to my phone's photo file, and done! The whole process took about one minute from start to finish. The hardest part, honestly, was coming up with the succinct yet humorous captions.

Below are a few of my favorites I made. Now it is your turn. Give it a try! It will make you look tech-savvy and add some humor to your day. Have fun!