Meeting Friends Downtown

We happened to have our trip to Florida overlap my friend Amanda's family vacation to Florida.  So... we had a barely planned meet-up today at Downtown Disney.

We did a bit of texting last night.  A couple more texts this morning.  The next thing we knew we were sitting down to eat lunch surrounded by dinosaurs and experiencing meteor showers every 20 minutes or so.  (By the way, T-Rex is a rather cool restaurant.)  We enjoyed a little time in the Lego store (that place is CRAZY BUSY).  We were disappointing that rain meant no train ride or carousel.  We still made it on the ferry.  A small rain shower made for a ton of fun with umbrellas.  Our kids just have a great time together since they are so close in age.  (Gabriel is 6 weeks younger than Zoe.  Ethan is 6 weeks older than Ana.  Their twins Ellie and Zach are almost 1 year old.... and Zoe and Ana LOVE LOVE LOVE the babies.)

Unfortunately the kids tired each other out quickly.  After a few hours Amanda's kids were ready to head back to the condo and Zoe and Ana were ready to start the drive back to Grammy and PopPop's house (they live in Orlando but are still over a 1/2 hours drive to the Disney area.  Orlando is HUGE.)

(The netbook is not being cooperative about uploading my DSLR photos... so for now... you get this one iPhone shot.  When I go home I'll share more photos.  Trust me... we had a blast.)


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