Mama Moments


My Fellow Mamas,

Sunday is Mother's Day. It's a day that has come to mean so much to me and I eagerly anticipate the celebrations. To begin, I'm don't demand or expect extravagance. I love Mother's Day for the simple opportunity to recall and relish in mama moments. So often our day-to-day routines and responsibilities keep us overwhelmingly occupied. As we shuttle our children from one place to the next, shuffle schedules to accommodate playdates and parties, hustle to feed the family, and perform other necessary but time-consuming tasks, we sometimes miss the mama moments.

The mama moments are difficult to decipher. Often, they're sandwiched between cuddles and chaos, with little to no fanfare or palpable passion. The mama moments are before the fall and pre-band-aid. The mama moments are the kiss that comforts or the lullaby that soothes. After an epic meltdown at the grocery store and before the apology, there's a soft whimper and squeeze that seems to grab hold of our hearts. The tearful goodbye is forever overshadowed by the triumphant return. The soft and squeaky "I love you" diffuses the defiant "no."

Give me every cliche for motherhood.  It's the most challenging and rewarding role. It humbles, motivates, and fulfills me like nothing I've ever done. But sometimes I'm so consumed by being a mommy that I don't reflect or revel in the role. While it's normal to be distracted, exhausted, or forgetful, it's also necessary to consistently honor the title and the love, sweat, and tears poured into this position in life. We're rock stars. We're commanders. We're hospitality heroes. We're cheerleaders. We're a little bit of everything sprinkled with something extra special. Mama moments are our fuel.

I'll take every needy hug. I'll cling to any request for play. I'll cherish grocery shopping with an entourage. It's messy and complicated, but it's also so much fun.

Mother's Day is when I press pause. I like to watch the kids run alongside my husband and recall the adventure to date. I gather the mama moments and try to record them as best I can for my girls. Then I like to close my eyes and envision where we're going and how we'll all grow. With a deep breath in I remind myself that we're alive and I'm the co-captain of a winning team. It's all about the mama moments on Sunday. Here's to my fellow mamas. Let's breathe it all in and love it all out.

Happy Mother's Day.