Make it rain (index cards)


It's that time of year. Italian binders are broken, lined paper has become notes and pencil cases are full of shavings. Time to refresh the school supplies! I don’t know why all that junk we get in September only seems to get us a few months. Well, actually I do. The problem is our school supplies supply cabinet, which looked like this when I went to find a pencil earlier:

Its not the messiest thing ever, and the door still closes, so I could’ve just rifled through until I found the pencil, but I knew we could do better and be more user friendly. Also I’ve been to staples 3 times in the last three days and I am not going back to buy something I probably already have but can’t find.

So this is what I did. I took it all out, and looked at it, and then I tried to put like things together.


I found a few red herrings. I mean, I don’t really know what all of this is . . .


I found some lined paper, and some extra pencil cases, and even a few spare binders.  Apparently, we have a binder cabinet too. So, I threw a bunch of stuff out -- anything that wasn't pretty much brand new and in it's best shape. But there was one purely sentimental save:


It's a pen that plays Jingle Bells when you whack it just right. And it lives in a Vera Bradley pencil box.

When it was all back in the cabinet, it looked like this.


It makes me happy too look at. I mean, I’m no Kloe Kardashian, but I’m not embarrassed to show you a picture of my school supply supply cabinet. And one more thing, I have enough index cards to last a lifetime. Several lifetimes! Enough that I can even do this: