All of Madison's music kids perform together this Saturday!


In the interest of full disclosure, I should start by saying that I am on the board of Madison Music & Arts, which supports music and arts in our public schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

But the reason I'm on the board (and even in charge of publicity) is because I'm thrilled to help support such wonderful programs.

One of my favorite things Madison Music & Arts, with the school's music and art department, is happening this Saturday. The Madison Mega MusicPalooza takes over Madison High School from 11-3:30. Every musical group performs throughout the day, from the elementary bands to the audition-only Mad Jazz, Madison's select high school jazz chorus. And at the end of the day, the amazing and strangely emotional culmination is a performance by all of the students together in the gym. They do a patriotic composition commissioned for the event and everyone just gets leaky eyes.

This is the second time around for the 'palooza, as we affectionately call it at the MMA. Things are more streamlined and always improving. We have pizza available this year, in addition to the snacks we had last time (that'll be me at the cotton candy table). It will definitely be inside, so no one has to worry about the weather. Since all of the kids perform throughout the day, you'll have a chance to catch your own performer if you have one and see what the other kids are doing.

There will also be art on display as well as face-painting and crafts for a nominal fee run by the students from the MHS Art Club. The event is free, but all money collected for concessions and crafts will go to the MMA and right back into the programs that make a day like this possible. I have four kids in Madison Public Schools, and I love watching them develop their talent in the music programs, have so many chances to perform and see others performing, and have their art displayed and celebrated. It's amazing how the various art and music groups are always made up of every kind of kid.

So, if there's anything else you need to know about the 'palooza, you might have something in your e-mail inbox from Madison Music & Arts titled "All You Need to Know About Mega MusicPalooza!" and if you don't, check out this site or this Facebook page. I did say I'm in charge of publicity . . .