The (Ambulance) Corps of our Community


Recently, several posts on the Madison Area Parents and Community Facebook page caught my eye, and made me realize yet another reason why we are all fortunate to live in such a great community. One post was from a friend and TJS/MJS mom, Jenn Sadowski: "A few years ago, my son had to be rushed in a Madison ambulance for what turned out to be a very minor issue. The same day, his cousin in East Hanover took an ambulance for also what turned out to be a minor event. We thanked our driver and EMT profusely, my son walked away with a stuffed animal from the ride, and that was the end of that. My nephew, a week later, got a bill for approximately $1,000 for his ambulance stint just a few towns away. Our VOLUNTEER ambulance corps is a true Madison treasure. Thank you MVAC!"

Wow. I don't think many of us realize what an amazing thing we have in the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps. At a time we are in desperate need of help, their ambulances are there--free of charge! We won't receive a crazy bill in the mail, unlike other towns. These men and women who come to our rescue--highly-qualified, state-certified EMTS--are VOLUNTEERS! In 2017, they responded to more than 1,700 medical emergencies in Madison and the surrounding communities--an average of more than 4 times per day! MVAC is not part of the municipal government, and they are funded entirely by volunteer donations.

In addition, the volunteers help out the community by teaching CPR and holding tours for school and scout groups. Both my kids have toured the MVAC--my son with his Cub Scout den and my daughter with her Girl Scout troop. The volunteers took them inside an ambulance, showed them the town map that lights up the street when a call comes in, and showed them the medical equipment they use. The tour really gave the kids a better sense of what the EMTs do to help them.

The MVAC is currently having their 2018 Spring Fundraising Campaign. I hope you take a moment to realize how vital the MVAC is to our community, and donate.


The Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps is located at 29 Prospect Street, Madison. To learn more about MVAC or to donate, visit  You can also donate by writing a check payable to "Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps" and mailing it to:

Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps ATTN: Treasurer 29 Prospect St Madison, NJ 07940