Madison Town Swap!

If you are like many people these days, you are trying your hardest to follow the KonMari Method, the method developed by Marie Kondo of tidying up your space, keeping only the items that “spark joy,” and thanking your unneeded belongings before you discard them. So, then comes the next step—what to do with the items that no longer spark joy for you, but might spark joy for someone else?

Enter: Madison Town Swap 2019! Last spring, The Madison Environmental Commission held its first Town Swap—drop off what you don’t need any more, and pick up (for free) anything that you want! A major goal of the Swap was to keep useful things out of the landfill. As I drive around town, I often see furniture, toys, and home décor items sitting out at people’s curbs, ready to be picked up by the trash collectors. These things may not “spark joy” for the current owner, but they are still in decent shape and might be just the thing that will “spark joy” for someone else! The 2018 Town Swap was such a success (I admit, I picked up a few items myself) that the 2019 Town Swap is on the calendar!


The Madison Environmental Commission and the Borough of Madison's Department of Public Works have teamed up once again for the Madison Town Swap on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the DPW Municipal Garage on John Avenue. This year, the timing will be a bit different: Drop off items from 8am-9:30am ONLY. Then you can select items from 9:30am-1:30pm. As with last year, it is open to Madison residents only, so you will need to bring a valid ID with address. Only items in good working condition will be accepted. Check the Accepted and Not Accepted list below:


  • non-upholstered furniture

  • electronic gadgets, computers, laptops

  • small appliances

  • children’s toys and play equipment

  • collectibles (dishes, glassware, art)

  • household items

  • sports equipment

  • exercise machines

  • curtains

  • musical instruments

  • music

  • outdoor furniture


  • clothing

  • baby seats

  • bike helmets

  • TVs

  • books/magazines

  • mattresses

  • stuffed animals

  • liquids of any kind

  • hazardous materials

  • weapons

  • textiles and materials

  • beauty supplies

  • upholstered furniture

  • draperies and area rugs

***Looking for places to donate or get rid of items on the "Items Not Accepted" list? Click here for suggestions from Sustainable Madison NJ  for how to get rid of things like mattresses, stuffed animals, TVs, books, and baby seats.

Any item not taken during the swap will be donated or discarded.

Interested in helping out at the Swap? The organizers are looking for volunteers, high school age and above. High schoolers interested in receiving service hours for their work should bring their forms. You can volunteer for an hour or two, or the whole event if you like. To volunteer, email the Madison Environmental Commission at  or call the Madison Department of Public Works at 973-593-3088. Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. They recommend to bring work gloves as you will be helping to carry light furniture and household items off and on cars.

For more information about the Town Swap, visit

To learn more about the Madison Environmental Commission, visit