Madison INTO Yellow: May 4th-May 11th

It’s almost May, which means Madison’s INTO Yellow returns to town. In honor of National Mental Health month, Madison partakes in this unqiue week long series that supports and celebrates local community health resources. Perhaps you saw the yellow banners, ribbons, or events posted throughout town last year, but if not, look for them this year. From May 4th-May 11th, expect to see and experience the spirit of community with free programming and events for all ages.

Various businesses, organizations, and individuals donate their space and time and talents to helping promote optimism while recognizing the power and promise of resilience. Whether it’s exercise, workshops, or speaker series, this town-wide movement is centered on collaboration and connection.

Far too often the stigma of sharing anything related to mental health prevents progress or peace. But here in Madison people are pouring their passion into creating spaces and scenarios specifically for sharing.

There are so many good things happening during Madison’s INTO Yellow. Please consider participating. Whether you’re in need of yoga, decluttering motivation, coffee, or salsa dancing, something soulful awaits. Here’s to all things yellow, optimistic, and resilient.