Madison Holiday Parade 2012

We've been going to the annual Madison Holiday Parade for more years than I can remember, and this is the second year that Zoe and I have walked in the parade with the Brownies (well... 1 year with Daisies and 1 year with Brownies).

I've always enjoyed the parade... but I think Zoe and I enjoy it even more now that we actually get to participate.

I don't think my holiday parade photos are complete without a pic of the Madison Clock.

This year the Madison Christmas tree is pretty special.  Usually the tree is cut locally and credited to the family who's property the tree was cut from.  This year... the tree is credited to Hurricane Sandy.  Rather than cutting down a tree... we used a tree that came down when Sandy passed through.

I think I can say that I have never seen so many people at the parade.  I think that the warmer weather really encourages people to come out.  On the one hand... it's so awesome to see so many people.  On the other hand... the tree lighting is a little overwhelming when SO MANY PEOPLE come out.

It always takes a little while between the end of the parade and the time that Santa magically lights the tree.  We had a pretty good place to wait though... right under the tree.  The kids were pretty happy with their spot.  Zoe and Ana also enjoyed waiting with their friends Jackson and Ava (and also running into tons of other friends).

A holiday-selfie while waiting.

A quick countdown and Santa's magic made out tree sparkle!

Zoe and Ana are pretty sparkly, too.

Let the holiday season begin!!!