Madison Christmas Parade

We spent our evening at the Christmas parade in town.  It was our 4th year attending the parade.  It's become a nice little family tradition for us.  It's a great way to welcome in the Christmas season.

Each year (as Zoe gets older and we become more involved in town activities) we see more and more people we know at the parade.  We were happy to run in to our friends Darren and Debbie and their daughter Rebecca.  (Nick and Darren went to college together and now we all live in the same town.)  It's always more fun to watch a parade with friends.

The girls had a lot of fun naming all of the blow ups on the "floats".

 We all enjoyed when this band got stopped in front of us.  Ana seemed to especially enjoy clapping along with all of their Christmas songs.  (Nick liked the fact that they all had on matching winter hats.)

There were a lot of different vehicles in the parade... all lit up with decorations.

The kids really do love watching all of the inflatable decorations go by.

I'm wondering if there is some way I can string up lights to the mini van.  Would it be legal for me to drive around all lit up?  I mean... I don't want to drive around with a decorated tree on my roof... but a string of lights around the roof rack could be fun. 

I love this penguin.

Ana was extremely thrilled by Thomas the Tank Engine.  I have no idea why.  But she couldn't stop yelling "I see Thomas!!!  I see Thomas!!!"

Right when you've had enough of standing in the cold... along comes Santa.   (I think Santa's float could use some more lights to allow for better photo taking.  Don't you think?)

Once Santa passes us by we follow right along down main street until we get to the center of town.  Every year Santa uses his magic to light up downtown Madison.... and I think I might even enjoy the lighting of the tree more than girls.  It really is a magic moment to count down and have the tree become all aglow.

And we think the tree looks better every year.