Lucky, Lucky Me!


Zoe's (and my) "favorite shows" tend to change frequently. We'll... I mean... Zoe will be obsessed with one show for a couple weeks and then won't ask for it ever again. Right now it's all about Diego. A while ago I told you it was all about Peep (and we do still love Peep and Chirp and especially Quack). We had a short lived phase involving Pinky Dinky Do (I don't know why... except it's fun to say Dinky Do).

However often our favorites seem to change... we do not seem to stray from Charlie and Lola. Since Zoe was born Charlie and Lola quickly became my favorite... and it is always sure to get Zoe's attention. There is just something about those little English children. And, I just love when Zoe picks up little phrases from them (like instead of "ready, set, go" Zoe will sometimes say "ready, steady, go"). And lately I have been channeling Lola from the episode "Lucky, Lucky Me" (which is a sample video on Playhouse Disney as I type... but I'm sure will go away as soon as I press publish post) where you can hear Lola repeatedly announce "Lucky me, lucky me, lucky lucky me!!!".

Anyway... now that I've strayed from my true post topic.... Yeah!!!!! Lucky, lucky me!!!!! I have been a winner all over the place lately.

First... Thank you to Jodi from Jodifur for helping to enable my Gingerbread Latte addiction. Jodi recently had her Blogiversary and held an "all about Jodi" scavenger hunt of sorts. After some easily answered question... and some research on not so easy questions (darn leather pants) I won a $20 gift card to Starbucks. Yum, yum, yum. Oh, and if you're not already reading Jodifur... you should be.

Second... Thank you to Stacy from The Land of K.A. Stacy had a giveaway on her site for a HP Photosmart M447 camera. I entered with a simple comment and was lucky enough to be randomly chosen as the winner. Who can't use an extra camera??? Can't wait to get it and try it out. And if you haven't seen Stacy's site make sure you visit. She is extremely creative with her photography, sewing, recipes, home decorating...... oh the list goes on and on. Go visit The Land of K.A.!

Third... I just received an e-mail from Isabel at Alpha Mom. I won their Scholastic Gift Package Giveaway (specifically the NickJr Learn to Play package). Zoe will be thrilled to see some Dora and Diego show up in our mailbox sometime soon. As I type they are having a giveaway for a Jeep stroller and baby carrier. Go enter!

So there you have it. Lucky me, lucky me, lucky lucky me!!!!! So, does anyone have a giveaway I can enter? I'm feeling lucky! I'm hoping it is a continuing trend... and that maybe I should head to Atlantic City very soon. The Borgata could be calling my name.

Lucky, lucky me!!!