Love with a Twist (book review x3)

banner The Love with a Twist Valentine Romance Collection includes 3 novellas.  Each book was written by a different author: Calista Fox, Erin Quinn, and Mary Leo.  This book tour was organized by N K Author Services.  I was provided with copies in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.


Book One: DIRTYING IT UP by Calista Fox Book Two: SHAKING IT UP by Erin Quinn Book Three: STIRRING IT UP by Mary Leo

My overall review of the 3 book series:

Like the Secret Santa Holiday Collection... this series is absolutely magical.  These 3 books were ADORABLE .  It amazes me that the 3 books are by 3 different authors because the writing styles blended so well together.  If I didn’t know… I would have assumed the 3 books were all by 1 person.  The authors obviously worked really well together to create the community of characters.  PERFECT stories to read this RIGHT NOW!  They truly contain the romance of Valentine's Day.  The books can easily be read as stand-alone stories…. but if you read one you really should read them all.  They take place along the same timeline... starting up at the beginning of February and finishing with Valentine's Day, and a little epilogue for each.

You COULD read just one.  But you SHOULD read all 3.  :)

About Dirtying It Up by Calista Fox:


A prophecy whispered in Jasmine Rosso’s ear by a gypsy fortuneteller in San Diego’s Seaport Village leads her to a sizzling night with sexy blown-glass artist Jake Hartnett. But the clock’s running out on the time allotted to fulfill the prophecy, and if Jasmine doesn’t make a true love connection with Jake before midnight on Valentine’s Day, she’ll lose everything she’s worked so hard to achieve this past year...including the trendy martini bar and bistro, With a Twist, that she owns with her two best friends.

Worst of all, she’ll lose Jake—the only man she’s ever wanted.




My review:

I loved Jasmine and Jake's story... partially because it's the first story, and therefore my introduction to the entire story concept, but also just because Jasmine and Jake were so perfect together.  I loved that they were friends, really good friends.  I loved that it ended up that they both had feelings for each other but didn't quite know it.  I love that the gypsy magic seemed to work even on Jake as he was overseas... and just had no choice but to come back to Jasmine, having a sudden feeling of distance making the heart grow fonder.

I felt a connection to Jasmine in some ways.  Her problem of talking to people or doing things, and suddenly find herself in her own head working math felt familiar to me.  I don't have a math distraction... but I can totally relate to suddenly getting completely distracted by a comment or fact and finding myself off track.  Not every can follow your train of thought when that happens.  It's an awkward feeling.  I love that Jake GOT Jasmine.  I love that he could pull her back.  That little quirk just really had me interested.

About Calista Fox:

Calista Fox is a former PR professional, now writing fast-paced, steamy books to set your pulse racing--including the BURNED DEEP trilogy, coming in 2015 from St. Martin's Press! She is an Amazon bestseller and has won Reviewer’s and Reader’s Choice Awards, as well as a Best Book Award, and competitions with publication as the prize.

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About Shaking It Up by Erin Quinn:

ErinQuinn_ShakingItUp_HRFate may have served up the wrong man, but for Daisy L’Amore, love comes with a twist.

Daisy L’Amore is faced with impossible choices. A prophecy given a year ago has Daisy and her two best friends racing the clock to find love before midnight on Valentine’s Day or they will lose everything they’ve worked for, including With a Twist, the martini bar and bistro the three of them own. A crystal heart and a gypsy’s words guide them, but love has a way of making its own rules, and Daisy is afraid to break them.

Romeo Corazón is shaking up Daisy’s world, but will the transformation he brings to her life be the downfall of everything she values? Or will falling in love with the wrong man make everything right?


My review:

I think Daisy's story was my favorite of the 3.  When the crystal heart shines on one man, but then focuses on a second, Daisy has to figure it out for herself.  I love that Daisy has to decide if her true love is William (a business man traveling from England on business... shy, awkward, cute, and a "good guy"... not her usual love her and leave her type) or Rome (a dusty and dirty "bad boy"... the type of man she usual falls for, but breaks her heart).  This book really showed that sometimes first impressions aren't what they seem... and sometimes appearances are deceiving.

While the gypsy magic was still at full power in this story, I liked that it was also about Daisy following her OWN heart.  This story could have had nothing to do with the magic... just the normal choosing between the man that "seems" right and the man that is actually right.

About Erin Quinn:

Erin Quinn is an award winning author who writes haunting romance for the thinking reader.  Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in in number awards.  Look for THE THREE FATES OF RYAN LOVE, coming in January from Pocket Books.  Go to for more information.

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About Stirring It Up by Mary Leo:

MaryLeo_StirringItUp1400When a gypsy's prediction begins to come true, Rose Cupido dismisses it as a coincidence, but when a past estranged boyfriend shows up reminding her of the love she once felt for him, Rose can't help wondering if that gypsy had true magical powers.

My review:

Rose's story just really showed that while all of the stories followed the same magical storyline... they were also very different.  I loved Rose's story because not only was she dealing with the romance of the crystal heart... but she was also dealing with not really feeling like she had found her place yet.  With all of the success of With a Twist, her success running the martini bar, and her amazing friendships with Daisy and Jasmine, she still didn't feel like she was really as needed, or essential as her friends.  Add to that the fact that the man the crystal focuses on for Rose has been in her life, but has always left... and Rose seems to have the most serious story.

I love that when it comes down to it, Rose decides to follow her heart and do what she needs to do for herself.  She doesn't compromise.

About Mary Leo:

USA Today bestselling author Mary Leo writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and mystery. She loves to travel for research while she’s writing a book, or for that matter, even when she’s not writing a book . . . which always leads to yet another book.

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