I love shopping for the girls' clothing at Children's Place.

I was invited into The Children's Place in NYC (Union Square) to get a "tour" of their new holiday and Winter collection.  I was also provided with a gift card to have a little shopping spree.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be in the city.  While it's unseasonable warm for November... I enjoyed the day.  (But... it really is wrong to be sweating in November.)

The Children's Place has always been one of my favorite places to shop for the girls.  The clothing for infants and toddlers is adorable... and the clothing for older kids has always been trendy while still being KIDS' clothing.  As I walked around the store, all I could think was that their Winter clothing makes you just think "comfy cozy"  Soft sweaters, stretchy pants and leggings, warm jackets and must have hats and gloves... and some of the softest materials I think I've ever felt.  (Ana wants to put on her pink heart "sweatshirt" and never take it off again.  She's raving about how it feels on the outside... AND the inside.)  And the holiday dresses?  So perfect.  Whether you love sparkles and frills... or are looking for something stretchy, velvety, and simple... it's there.

Although they were far from needed yesterday... they have tons of hats, scarfs, and gloves available. So many different kinds and colors. I couldn't resist getting both girls some emoji gloves. Each fingertip has a different emoji. So cute... and currently a HUGE obsession. They came in a 2 pack with a pair of texting gloves. (I just wish the emoji gloves were also texting... it would just make sense!)

Every year I look for the perfect little puffer jackets. Look no further! (And check out that current sale price!)

Underpants are the item that I never remember to update in the kids drawers.  All of a sudden I realize they're a size 10/12 wearing a size 8 underpants.  Oops.  I couldn't help but remember to pick them up when I saw how cute they all were.  And those emojis???

We are SO done with infants and toddlers in this house... but if you have a baby girl run on over.  1.  SO SO CUTE! 2. Check out those sales!

Oh... I almost forgot.  A trip to The Children's Place isn't complete unless you stop by the pajama section.  Wish they had these in big girl sizes... Zoe and Ana (and Nick) would find them quite funny.... and appropriate.

I found myself wishing that The Children's Place would branch out into women's clothing.  I want some of the outfits I bought the girls.

Sales and Deals!

The current sales are amazing. It was difficult to find something that wasn't included in one deal or another. If you can't make it into a store... the sales are all available online too. FREE shipping is available now for a limited time. Plus... sign up for Place Rewards and you earn points. Every dollar spend is a point. 100 points gets you a $5 reward! AND the month of November is Double Points!