Love in Maine


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Love in Maine was written by Connie Falconeri.  If you watch General Hospital, you know that Connie Falconeri is a soap opera character.  And, you know that Connie actually stole the book from Molly Lansing Davis (another character), added in some steamy sex scenes, and then published the book as her own (on GH).

I am a huge fan of General Hospital.  I am a die-hard GH fan (much to my husband's chagrin).  I've watched since I was 5.  So, when I saw that Love in Maine was actually being published (in real life) I decided I had to read it.  (Years and years ago I also read Robin's Diary... 1995... had to do it.)

I didn't expect Love in Maine to be any good.  I mean... it's a romance novel that's a spin off from being a fake soap opera book written by soap opera characters.  I expected it to be generally cheesy and fluffy romance.  Poor writing.  Lots of gasping and forlorn glances.  You know... soap operaish.  I was SO pleasantly surprised.  Actually... I was shocked.

I LOVED THIS BOOK.  I enjoyed this book so much I read it in a little over a day and then immediately pre-ordered the sequel that they advertized at the end of Love in Maine.  I just couldn't put it down.  The characters and the story just drew me right in.

Description from Amazon:

As seen on ABC Daytime’s General Hospital, the delightful first novel from Port Charles’s Connie Falconeri. Whether you’ve been a fan of GH your entire life or simply love a romantic romp of a beach read, Love in Maine is unputdownable!

Maddie Post is privileged, sheltered, and polite, and does not belong in Blake, Maine. But thanks to a high-stakes bet, she’s waiting tables at a riverfront diner catering to boat-builders and living in Janet Gilbertson's $200-a-month guest room. And Janet's dark and stormy son, Hank, back in Maine after 10 years as an active duty Army diver, isn't without his troubles, either. Their flirty friendship has many passionate ups and downs, but when Maddie and Hank put aside their considerable differences and start opening up to each other, the crackle of summer romance grows into a blazing fire.

From the very first page of this book I loved Maddie.  And, I fell in love with Hank right along with Maddie.  I loved how the book was so much like their relationship... you started out knowing so little, and then you slowly learned where they came from and what made them who they are.  I think that's what I liked most about the book... the way the author slowly let out details about the characters, but by the end you felt like you knew them.  It really amazes me how many character details of the characters were included.  Even the supporting characters were really well defined.  I try to imagine this book being made into a movie, or a miniseries... but there is SO MUCH going on in the characters heads' that I don't know how they would do it.

I also like that while it did have it's steamy scenes... it left a lot to the imagination.  It was definitely not a tell-all.

(FYI... the sequel is Maine Squeeze... which is a really crappy title.)