How to Lose a Lemur (book review)

*Disclosure - I was given a copy of How to Lose a Lemur by Sterling Children's Books.  All opinions are my own.

How to Lose a Lemur was written and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon.  She wrote and illustrated 2 previous picture books, and was selected to receive the Sendak Fellowship.  She also has a number new children's books being published soon!

About the book:


How to Lose a Lemur is the tale of a little boy who has struck the fancy of a bunch of adoring lemurs!  While walking through the park one day, a friendly lemur starts following the boy – uninvited.  Before he knows it, even more lemurs are on his tail.  He does everything to ditch the playful creatures, from jumping on a train, to flying in a hot-air balloon, to climbing the highest mountain… but nothing works.  The parade of lovable lemurs stick by his side no matter what.

When the boy realizes he’s traveled too far and has gotten lost, his constant companions show why they make the very best of friends!  Can knowing a lemur be a good thing after all?

Delightfully humorous and playfully illustrated, HOW TO LOSE A LEMUR shows children why it’s important to give new friends a chance.





My review:

The book is absolutely adorable.  The story is simple but holds your attention.  The illustrations are bright and SO CUTE.  It's a perfect read-aloud book.  I have a feeling that once you read How to Lose a Lemur... you're going to want to hold on to it!

You can purchase your own copy of How to Lose a Lemur.  And check out the author's other children's books too!  They look like fun reads!