2nd Grade Zoe

It's the first day of 2nd Grade for Zoe. 

I could barely get her to stand still for pictures because she was so excited to get going.

3rd year on the bus... but our first "bus stop".  We were spoiled during kindergarten and 1st grade by having our address as our bus stop.  (Door to door service.)  I used to be able to stay in my pjs and wave to the bus driver from my front door.  Now we go 2 houses down and across the street to the corner with a bunch of neighbor friends.  It'll be fun to wait with everyone each day.  (We'll see if we still think it's fun in the snow!)

One quick glance back at Ana and me before hopping up on that bus... and she was whisked off for her first day of 2nd Grade adventures.

Ana and I will be excited to see her get off the bus this afternoon.  I'm sure she'll be full of first day stories!