Look Great For Back To School Drop-Off and Pick-Up!


Friends? Are you tired? I'm tired. Does your skin cry out for care, weary of 6 AM wake-ups, missing the bus, too much coffee and not enough water? Does your face wearily beg you for reprieve from back to school? Well these products from Exuviance could be for you.

I was asked to sample two of their products in exchange for my unbiased opinion, so I have volunteered my face (combination skin, sensitive) as tribute to see if their lauding of them for the fall was true. Here are their descriptions of the two products:

Boost brightness withExuviance Firm-NG6 Non-Acid Peel, a NeoGlucosamine® formulation that offers all the benefits of a peel – exfoliation and increased skin cell turnover – without irritation. The result: improved texture and clarity for a gorgeous glow.
Exfoliate withExuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturizer, which delivers 10% Glycolic Acid along with Collagen Building Block to smooth fine lines and lightly hydrate skin. Normal or combination skin? This moisturizer was made for you.

The peel, which scared me at first because of the words "acid" and "peel" and my very sensitive skin, was a thin gel that dried to a shiny finish. It did not burn or sting in the ten minutes I allowed it to dry (as per the directions) but I was confused as to what I was going to do with my shiny, gel-coated face. But I then followed it up with the moisturizer, and WHOA. This moisturizer, people. It is fabulous. I am a LITTLE obsessed with it. the gel feeling and shininess vanished as the moisturizer mixed with the peel, and my face was so soft. It was like I had just gotten a salon facial only it literally took ten minutes. I have used the peel a couple more times, and the moisturizer daily, and I am very pleased with the results. I didn't notice anything miraculous with my combination skin or pore clarity, but my face is very very soft, and I definitely give the combo a thumbs up.

So if you're looking for a night time skin routine, I can definitely recommend the Exuviance products I was given. It takes ten minutes, you get the effects of the peel without the scary burning stinging acidy thing, and you get the *moisturizer* which is, if I haven't mentioned it enough, crazy good.

Exuviance products are available at


, Ulta stores nationwide, and other select stores.

All products were provided to me from Exuviance in exchange for a non-biased opinion on this site.