Long time no see....

Well hello there!  I was posting so regularly there for a while.  I'm not quite sure what happened.

It might be that my life is currently just a blur.

A blur of ballerinas...

(Ana is right in the center)

A blur of t-ball players...

(Zoe is the only girl in the class)

Time spent chaperoning Kindergarten field trips...

(Seussical... opinions?  Love it?  Hate it?  I was kind of "meh".)

The sweetness of Valentines Day and the fun of attending school parties...

(Being a class mom does have it's perks... but I will be trying my hardest not to open my mouth and volunteer again next year.  I think.  We'll see.)

We also had 3 birthday parties last weekend.  

And Zoe had her first Daisy meeting this week. 

(which had me nostalgically thinking of friends from my Brownies troop... and the fact that my mom was my troop leader and maybe I SHOULD have said yes when I was asked to be the leader... but that might push me over the edge so it's probably good I said no for a change.  And... any Brownie friends reading... did we REALLY learn to polish our fingernails at 1 meeting?  Did I imagine that or was that a real meeting???)

And Ana has her first field trip tomorrow.

(which is more a small school bus ride to McDonald's drive thru to pick up pancakes to eat at school.  Because it's National Pancake Week next week.  Could there BE a better field trip for toddlers???  A bus ride and pancakes???)

And I actually went for a moms-night-out with a bunch of the kindergarten moms and we had a pretty good time.  (and I realized that if you hadn't had a Guinness in longer than you can remember... and you have a Guinness... you will want more Guinness.  When's the next moms-night-out?)

And Zoe has a 1/2 day tomorrow.  (Is there really a point to a 1/2 day of 1/2 day kindergarten?)

And next week there is no school on Monday or Tuesday for Presidents' Day/Winter Break (and they could TOTALLY take those days back in place of those snow days as far as I'm concerned.)

So... a blur I tell you... life is a blur.