Lollipop Love

Tonight as I was sitting at the computer (before dinner was ready) I heard Zoe in the pantry closet announcing "I hungry!" She quickly found what she was looking for (and that I had "hidden") "I need candy! I need wepop!" Out of the closet she came with a bag of Dum Dums lollipops. "I love wepop!"

As I continued to listen I could hear her carry the bag over to the table and climb into her chair. Nick helped get her settled and hooked her seat belt. For a little while I continued to just listen. Finally, I couldn't help but laugh as she announced "I love wepop! mmm, mmm!" I went in to see her and caught her giving the ziplock bag of pops a big smooch and a hug. Hysterical.


I'm happy to say that Zoe also announced "I love you Mommy! I love you!" right before Nick took her up for bed. Big proclamations of love today... complete with hugs and smooches!