Little Things: Haircut Heaven

“While getting lost in all those little things that seem so important, don't forget the little things that matter...” ― Virginia Alison

We’re in the midst of an ambitious schedule. This week we add to an already full cup of chaos with an airplane trip to Denver. There’s a lot going on and we’re enjoying being busy. But it feels like every Monday begins with rain and carries on with clouds. So in the dampness and dreariness of our day, we often aim to escape to someplace indoors for adventure.

This week I vowed more presence and fun. Lately, I feel like the latter had been abandoned for little errands and necessary but boring tasks.

I remember my firstborn’s haircut like it was yesterday. She was less than enthusiastic and screamed bloody murder as the hair stylist attempted to tackle a tangled mane. Cue two years later and it’s her most treasured tradition. A trip to the “beauty parlor” is coveted and memorable, which brings joy to all involved.

So on this rainy and dreary day, I decided to pursue some easy but excitable fun with a trip to MiniNos Salon for Kids in New Providence. At first glance, it’s a standard kid salon with fun chairs, televisions, toys, and the promise of balloons and lollipops upon completion. Obviously, this all helps attract a sometimes finicky clientele. The crankiest of the cranky kids are often mesmerized by the bright colors and positive vibes. The latter is provided by a staff that is acutely aware of their demographic and goes above and beyond to make the experience positive and productive.

My girl has a taste for feeling fancy so she’s constantly offered bows or stylish braids to enhance her experience. She also loves being “big” so they make an effort to discuss and delve into options with her and me together.

Seriously, it’s beyond sweet to see her smile throughout the process. It makes this mama melt and she thinks it’s the most magical half hour out there.

Sometimes we’re rushing through tasks and to-dos and we fail to stop and savor the experience. This haircut had to happen, but it didn’t feel like a chore. Instead, it felt like a luxury.

If you’re interested in trying out MiniNos Salon for Kids please note that Monday is a discount day so there’s an added perk to starting off the week with a head of hair. As for us, we debuted her hairdo at the Village Play Cafe in Chatham. We even stayed for lunch, which saved me clean up at home. Here’s to a Monday filled with little things that matter.