My (Very Basic) Life Hacks

There's something about the "life hack" articles that pop up on my Facebook feed that make my finger automatically click on them. I usually scroll through the whole list, and occasionally find a "wow" idea that I actually use. My favorite one so far is using a binder clip to keep my headphone wires from running amuck.  Love that handy tip! Over the years, I've developed a few life hacks of my own (well, some of them I will credit to my husband!). They are very basic, but I thought I'd share.


Glass Half Full After playing multiple rounds of the "Is this your water glass or mine?" question game with my husband, we knew we needed a better way to keep track of which glasses were whose. Since we have a variety of clear and blue glasses, my husband suggested that we each choose one type, and then we'll know which is ours. So now, blue glasses are mine, and clear are his! Problem solved!


Matching Socks Sucks More credit to my husband on this one. While sock shopping one day, he commented on how most socks come in multipacks of varying designs of the same color. When you buy black dress socks, you get 6 pairs of black socks, but each pair has a slightly different design. He ended up buying a pack of socks that were all the same, so we could match them up with any of the others in the pack. Brilliant! Unfortunately, same-sock multipacks are hard to find. Now that you know the tip, take this quiz. Look at the socks below. Which pack should you buy? Answer: Only the pack on the far right. If you said the middle right one, too, did you notice the slight variations of the stripes on the sole? Ugh! Really?!?! In my opinion, whomever convinced kids that it is cool to wear mismatched socks, should get the Nobel Peace Prize!


Sock Box My sister started me on this one. We all know the routine: Do laundry; fold laundry; be left with at least three matchless socks. Whether their match is under the couch, in a sports bag, secretly clinging to the inside of the shirt you just put away, or has gone to the party with the other missing socks that is taking place inside the tiny crevices of your washing machine, it is likely that you will eventually find its match. After each load of laundry, I put the remaining individual socks in a Sock Box in my closet. Every once in a while, I go through the box to match the pairs.  (NOTE: if you implement my "Matching Socks Sucks" hack above, you will less likely have an overflowing Sock Box!) Since I've had my Sock Box for years, it is very unlikely that I will find the match to the ones deep at the bottom, so I let my daughter use them for crafts! Now many of her stuffed animals are sporting lovely hooded sweatshirts, leotards, capes, hats, and t-shirts!Sports Equipment Explosion Our house has a garage, but it is not accessible from inside the house. We also don't have a mudroom, so all the baseball, hockey, soccer, softball, and dance equipment usually makes it into the house, and the front hall turns into a sports bag dumping ground. Recently, we were able to add a small closet to our main entrance area, and we've designated it to be the Sports Equipment Closet. I haven't perfected the layout yet, but between bags on the closet floor, hung on hooks, and hung from coat hangers, my hallway is looking less like a sports equipment store. As for the uniforms, cleats, shin guards, they all go into individual baskets labeled by kid and by sport. After shoes and shin guards come off after practice, or a uniform is washed, they go right into the basket.

Water Bottle Overload We all have it--the cabinet you avoid opening or else you will be met with a water bottle avalanche! Many water bottles are too tall to stand upright in the average cabinet, so I resorted to laying them on top of each other at various angles. Look out below! The other day, I added wire shelves to the inside of our Sports Equipment Closet door, and now our water bottles have a permanent avalanche-free home.