Letter N is for NO MORE PLEASE

So someone taught Ana how to use the rewind button on the TV clicker... and now she has made sure that she totally completely and without a doubt knows the letter N without fail (not that she really had a problem with it before now).

She just ran into the kitchen and said "THAT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!!! But, I only wanted to do it 10 times. Just 10 times." Then, of course, she ran back into the TV room and played it AGAIN.

And she just ran in again to say "Did you know that nanananananananananananana starts with an N?"

Save me.

(Ricky Gervais... I love you.  You crack me up.  But after a couple of times listening to this "lullaby" the funny was lost.  I still love you though.  And now... I guess Ana loves you too.)

(Also... can someone else please tell me that they still call the remote control a clicker?  Nick thinks I'm nuts.)