Let's Play Ball!


Sometimes it feels like we live for grandiose gestures and outrageous outings. Often, it feels like effort and excess are the norm and exhaustion is the standard.  Let me be clear, there's nothing wrong with wanting the best for ourselves and our families. However, it's what we define as the best that complicates the course of action or direction. There's a fine line between occasional indulgence and spoiling, and I find that in parenthood I need to gut check my own wants and needs and cross check things with my children in mind.

My three-year-old is acutely aware of her desires these days. She knows that her daddy is a sucker for outings, especially when she asks in her tiny and purposeful tone, "can we go on a date?" And while trips to Panera or the McCools are fun, I like when we emphasize simplicity.

And so in my never-ending love affair with Madison, I am gifted all sorts of opportunities for her to discover and delve into the fun that is rooted in town tradition or brimming with local flavor.

My little love is enamored with sports and loves any opportunity to watch and cheer for others. She's constantly asking to "see sports" and while I eagerly await the chance to take her to her first professional sports outing, those hefty prices, her wavering attention span, and the constant potty breaks need careful consideration. My mind immediately leaps toward envisioning her at Yankee Stadium or at any big venue with a recognizable team name. Why? It's just where my mind wanders but it doesn't necessarily mean it's necessary. Enter this Wednesday's Drew vs FDU baseball game at Dodge field.

When I stumbled across this event it screamed "perfection." To begin, it's free fun. I can't thank the Madison Little League enough for opening up this opportunity to the community. Dodge Field is the perfect place to watch two local colleges play one another and it's an awesome way for little ones to see the game in a familiar setting. It's a  wonderful weekday date for a three-year-old girl and it's rooted in local love.

I love when little things become big things for someone else. This outing is a hot topic of conversation in my household. My budding sports enthusiast is ready for the "big game" and is equally excited about choices at the concession stand. She doesn't know the difference between a college game at Dodge Field or Yankee Stadium. She has a basic understanding of fun, wonder, and adventure. I hope to preserve these things for her and so much more for as long as possible.

This Wednesday there'll be a tiny tot taking in America's pastime with her dad right near the center of town. In an age of excess and extremes, there'll be a simple stroll to Dodge Field to watch some "big guys play ball."