Let's just have some fun!


I'm not so much a social gal. I mean, I do volunteer at school and have a great time chatting with fellow parents. And I have been known to occupy a chair at Starbucks across from a friend for a few hours at a clip, sometimes weekly. But I'm not much of a night-out-with-friends person. When I turned 40, some women basically kidnapped me and took me to a comedy night at Drip and over to 54 Main for a drink. It was really fun! But I never would have gone if they'd just suggested "Let's go out and have some fun." I don't really know why, I guess I just usually feel like the evenings are family time. But it's dawning on me that if they're just going to their own extra-curricular activities and playing video games, they don't really need me.

So now, I'm ready to go out. And guess what? There's a pretty cool event coming up right in town. Jen Mann, who grew up in New Jersey, will be at the Madison Community House on Saturday, September 23 to promote her new book "Working with People I Want to Punch in the Throat." I want to punch so many people in the throat! This will be great.

The evening is hosted by Kim Bongiorno (fellow Garden Stater) of the blog Let Me Start By Saying. Contributors to Mann's humor series "I Just Want to Pee" will also speak. One Funny Mother Stacy Gill, E. R. Catalano of Zoe vs. the Universe, Jennifer Lizza of Outsmarted Mommy, Elly Lonon of Buggin’ Word and writer Jen Simon will be there.

So for your $20 admission, which you have to reserve and pay for in advance, you get to hear all these ladies speak, and you get a copy of Mann's book. Plus, there will be wine and food! I dropped $20 that one time the mommies invited me out to drinks and I left before the check came. They said they wouldn't be mad at me the next day, but I haven't been invited back, so I'm not sure it was enough (or they haven't gone out for drinks again. It could be that.) But there's no guessing here. Admission is $20. You can also do some shopping with stuff from Arbonne by Tracy Barbossa (Botanically-based beauty and wellness products.) Autistic Hero Teeshirts,ShellyCakes (Handmade jewelry and accessories) and Splendid Junk Vintage.

Plus there will be a raffle of books, wine and other swag, some donated by Madison's own Stitch boutique, Suburban Shop Shoes and Crowley Cupcakes. Raffle entries benefit Beth Caldwell of The Cult of Perfect Motherhood (mom of two, wife of one, contributor to Bongiorno's I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone), who has been battling metastatic breast cancer since 2014. So you can feel you are doing a good thing too!

Don't take my word for it. Check out the full details here.